[Video] Dog At Texas Starbucks Gets Way Too Excited Waiting For Puppuccino In Drive Thru

The Video Of The Dog Has Since Gone Viral With Over 2.5 Million Views

February 26, 2020

Dimas Ardian / Stringer

No one likes waiting in a drive thru line, especially when it’s for their morning coffee. However, no reaction to finally getting their Starbucks can top that of this dog in Texas. In the now viral video, the dog can be seen jumping out of the car window, trying to get their Starbucks Puppuccino.

As seen in the video, a customer waiting in line captures the moment a dog gets too excited waiting for their dog friendly drink. “So there I was in the drive-thru at Starbucks and I look up and I was like OMG. Lol I was rolling. So you know I had to record it or it didn’t happen,” the person captioned the video. Eventually, the driver is able to get her dog back in the car, but not without putting up a fight first.

The video quickly went viral, and has now been viewed over 2.5 million times. Eventually, the driver was handed four Starbucks cups, so hopefully all the dogs in her car were able to get a treat. Maybe next time she will keep the windows closed while sitting in the drive thru.

Via Fox News