Doctors Swallow Lego Heads To Determine How Long It Takes To Poop Them Out

December 13, 2018
Lego Heads, Male, Sad Face

As young children are wont to do, they’ll occasionally swallow something that isn't meant to be swallowed. 

 It can be a harrowing experience, but doctors in the UK and Australia wanted to make sure parents of young children knew exactly what they were getting into with one of the most popular toys in the world, Legos.

In the name of science, a group of doctors and researchers swallowed little tiny Lego heads to determine just how long it’d be until they passed them.  The teams used various metrics to determine how long it took for the Legos to pass, including, “The Stool Hardness and Transit score and the Found and Retrieved Time score.”

By the end of the experiment, doctors determined it took roughly one to three days, with an average of about 1.7 days.  Researchers wrote in their findings, “It is possible that childhood bowel transit time is fundamentally different from adult, but there is little evidence to support this, and if anything, it is likely that objects would pass faster in a more immature gut.  They also note that the research should “be of use to anxious parents who may worry that transit times may be prolonged and potentially painful for their children.”

Still, Grace Leo, one of the authors of the report, recommends parents seek immediate medical attention in case their child swallows anything they shouldn't.

You can read the entire report HERE.

Via Fox News