Distilleries Across The Country Have Begun Making Their Own Hand Sanitizer To Hand Out For Free

As The Coronavirus Continues To Spread, Distilleries Are Looking To Use Their Product To Find A Solution

March 17, 2020


By now, almost everyone has been reminded to wash their hands, and use hand sanitizer as the coronavirus continues to spread. However, with shelves at grocery stores being emptied out faster and faster, many are struggling to find any form of hand sanitizer at their local convenience store. Luckily, a number of distilleries have stepped up, and are making homemade hand sanitizer using their alcohol, to hand out for free.

Thank you to the community for its overwhelming support! Because of the large turnout we received, we are currently out of hand sanitizer at the moment. We are waiting on a shipment of ingredients to arrive Monday, at which time we will resume production. We will be making a post next week to keep you updated once we have more available. Thank you for your understanding and we’ll see you next week! If you would like to donate to help us make more for our community (not necessary at all) we now have a link in our bio available.

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When the coronavirus began spreading throughout the United States, many alcohol companies sent out messages to customers claiming their product could not be used as hand sanitizer. However, with brands like Purell being sold out across the country, many have begun using higher alcohol proofs in order to make their own hand sanitizer. “Due to the recent reports of outages and low supply in our community, We have decided to provide hand sanitizer free of charge to anyone in need. Made with aloe Vera gel and 95% ethanol,” said the Old Fourth Distillery in Atlanta.

Other distilleries have begun doing the same, as companies look to make hand sanitizer solutions with at least 60% alcohol. Of course, while they could be making money by selling the hand sanitizer, many of the distilleries making their own have decided to hand out the product to customers for free. With the coronavirus continuing to spread, it’s good to see many hurting industries stepping up to help.