Disney+ Customers Experiencing “Unable To Connect” Error Shortly After Launch

Many Customers Have Turned To Social Media To Share Their Error On The New Service

November 12, 2019

Press Association

The streaming wars are officially on, as Apple recently launched their new streaming service, and today one of the most highly anticipated new service, Disney+, launched. While Disney has prepared for months for this launch, it didn’t go as smoothly as intended. Many customers went to social media just hours after launch to share the upsetting, yet adorable, error message they received when logging in.

Disney+ launched Tuesday morning, and as new customers logged in, started free trials, or attempted to explore the catalog for the first time were met with an “unable to connect” error message. The message was accompanied by an image of Ralph and Vanellope from Disney’s ‘Wreck-It Ralph,’ however customers were still upset they couldn’t view the content shortly after launch. Disney is currently working to resolve the problem.

In order to prepare for the launch in the United States, Disney tested the new service in The Netherlands. “The Netherlands was a great test. We wanted to have a sufficient number of users so that we could see how the app performed, what technology glitches might exist,” said chairman of Disney’s direct-to-consumer streaming business, Kevin Mayer. While many fans were upset with the error message, Disney has pointed to other streaming successes, such as UFC pay-per-view events, and is urging fans to not give up just yet.

Via The Verge