[Video] Dinosaur Prank Has People Falling Over In Fear While In Public

Goubran Baho Recently Shared His Latest Prank, Featuring A Man In A Dinosaur Costume

November 22, 2019

Dianne Manson / Stringer

The internet is full of people making prank videos, but more often than not the videos feature a lot of yelling and possible broken laws. However, one recent prank video may be the greatest to date. While no one is injured or offended in the now viral video, plenty of onlookers are beyond frightened as a man turns a corner and is being chased by a dinosaur.

The Reverse Angle you’ve all been waiting for --------------@dino4hire @doctorsango #run #prank #lol #wow

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Viral prankster Goubran Baho found a busy corner perfect for his latest prank. In the video, Baho can be seen turning a corner running for his life. Most onlookers seem confused or disinterested, until another person wearing a dinosaur costume turns the corner as well. Reactions to the running dinosaur range from shock to fear.

In the video, an aria from the Italian opera ‘Pagliacci,’ can be heard as more and more people are shown reacting in slow motion. Reaction has been positive for this video, as no one is hurt or embarrassed; just momentarily scared. Hopefully this leads to more fun internet pranks instead of rude or dangerous.

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