Dallas Fort Worth Has The Longest Commute Times In Texas

August 20, 2018
Traffic, Cars, Highway, Rush Hour

(Photo via Dreamstime)


Step aside Austin and Houston, Dallas Fort Worth has the worst traffic, and the longest and slowest commute times found anywhere in the Lone Star State.

The shortest commute time is found in Lubbock, where it only takes an average of 16.3 minutes to get to work.  The longest average morning drive actually belongs to Garland at 29.5 minutes. Fort Worth has the second-longest commute time with 27.9 minutes, and Arlington and Houston tied for third at 27.3 minutes apiece.

But there is no question, the Metroplex has the longest commute times in the state.  Commercial real estate firm JLL conducted the study, and found as more and more companies are setting up shop in Dallas suburbs, their employees are choosing to live in the actual city.  More people means more congestion means more traffic for everybody.  

And you know what, Dallas is only going to get bigger, too!