Brothel Owner Dennis Hof Wins Election In Nevada, Despite Being Dead For A Month

November 8, 2018
Dennis Hof, Bunny Ranch, Hallway, Statue

(Photo by Jason Bean, Jason Bean/RGJ)


Voters in Nevada wouldn't let a little thing like their candidate being dead prevent their voices from being heard.

Despite being deceased for nearly a month, Bunny Ranch proprietor Dennis Hof won an election for a Nevada state assembly in this past Tuesday’s elections.  

Despite signs being plastered all over polling places that Hof was dead, the voters still turned out, and even voted for Hof twice as much as his counterpart.  Polling results showed that Hof earned 68.3% of the votes, and his Democratic opponent Lesia Romanov earned just 32%.  

For now, the assembly seat will be declared vacant since the winner is dead, until the county commissioner begins the process to fill the seat.

Via NY Post