Delta Flight Forced To Make Emergency Landing After Engine Fails Mid-Flight

July 11, 2019
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Ok, this is a true nightmare come to life.

On Monday, Delta Flight 1425 from Atlanta to Baltimore was forced to make an emergency landing after one if its engines FAILED in the middle of the flight.


A pilot could be heard telling air traffic controllers, “We are declaring an emergency. We will need crews out there on the rollout.”  

There were 148 passengers on the flight at the time.  Passenger Avery Porch told WMAR-TV, “After we heard the boom, we just saw all this smoke come up into the cabin and that's when we really started freaking out. ... It started slowing down a little bit and it was getting hot. The air cut off. I was about to be the first person to jump off.”

Luckily, the plane was able to make a safe landing in Raleigh, and with no reported injuries. As an apology, Delta offered its passengers a $30 food voucher to be used on their next flight.

Via ABC News