Deacon Frey Has Seamless Transition Filling In For Late Father In The Eagles

October 12, 2018
Deacon Frey, Guitar, Singing, Concert, The Eagles, Don Henley

(Photo by Thomas Hawthorne/The Republic)


The Eagles co-founder and legendary guitarist Glen Frey passed away in January 2016.

Immediately, music fans began asking what would become of the band he helped found and led for over near five decades.  Luckily, Frey had a son. 

Deacon Frey decided to pick up the guitar, and step into his legendary father's shoes, alongside Don Henley, Joe Walsh, Timothy B. Schmit, and Vince Gil.  And he sounds AMAZING.  The band seriously has not missed a beat with Deacon.  

The band is currently touring across the United States, before heading off to Europe, Australia, and New Zealand in 2019.

Via Laughing Squid