David Crosby Claims He Could Lose His Home If The Coronavirus Cancels His Tour

Crosby Is Set To Begin His Upcoming Tour In May

March 18, 2020

Emma McIntyre / Staff

With concerts throughout April being postponed due to the coronavirus, many fans are wondering when they will get to see their favorite artists again. For some musicians, it’ll just be a matter of time, but for others a touring stoppage could have a serious impact. One of those artists is David Crosby, who recently claimed halting his tour could lead to “severe financial trouble.”

As the coronavirus continues to spread, concerts and large events are being cancelled all throughout the country. According to David Crosby, who is set to begin his upcoming tour in May, cancelling his tour could lead to him losing his home. “Touring is all we got. That's really the only thing that we can do to make any money. And to lose it is just awful,” claimed the musician.

While shows throughout April have been cancelled, Crosby is still waiting to hear about events throughout May to see if he will be going on tour or not. “Once I start in May, I'm working almost constantly until about six days before Christmas. And if I lose it all, I'm going to be in deep shit,” said Crosby. Nothing has been decided yet, but clearly if it was up to Crosby, the tour would continue.

Via Ultimate Classic Rock