[Video] Dash Cam Records “Priceless” Moment Man Attempts To Break Into Car

The Oregon Woman Says She Put In The Dash Cam For Situations like This

October 4, 2019

Paul Bradbury

There is nothing worse than having your car get broken into and valuables stolen from inside. Luckily, cars are starting to add surveillance cameras for situations just like this. A video captured by an Oregon woman’s car has gone viral after the man who broke into the car looked shocked when he noticed he was being recorded.

There had been multiple car break ins in a Portland, Oregon suburb recently, and authorities believe they may have found the person behind the break ins thanks to viral surveillance footage. In the video, captured by a Beaverton woman’s car surveillance system, the man can be seen entering the vehicle, noticing the camera, and then hurrying out. “I just wanted to make sure I got a really good look at him and I laughed so hard at the shock on his face when that light came on, it was priceless. I couldn’t stop laughing, I played it over and over,” said the woman.

The woman, whose car comes equipped with an Owlcam dashboard camera, said the camera started recording the moment the man entered her car. “You set off an alarm and it scares them away, you’ve kept your thing, but you don’t have any proof of who did what. I want to know who, so that’s why I got it," the woman said discussing why she purchased the dashboard camera. The police are now investigating the break ins, but thanks to this surveillance video, they may have the man behind these crimes.

Via Fox News