Dallas Mom Finds Unexpected Closure While Publishing A Book

July 13, 2018



For more than a decade, Dallas mom, Jeba Pandian, was trying to escape her darkest moment in her life. 

Back in 2007, her daughter Isabella was born 4 months early, but died 5 days after birth.

Her youngest daughter, born two years later, started asking questions about her older sister. 

"Because she's my sister and I didn't get to know her," Sophia, the youngest daughter says. "And I was really lonely and I figured if I knew more about my sister I said I wouldn' feel so lonely."

Sophia, now 9 years old, just wanted to know what was she doing in heaven.

Jeba had an idea to draw pictures about her older sister and what she could be doing. Sophia drew pictures of her washing dishes and playing outside and Jeba created stories going along with the pictures. Then later, the book was published.

Jeba thought that she was doing it for her daughter, but little did she know, it was for herself, to move on with life and know that her oldest daughter is doing great in heaven.