Dallas Is Having A Free Festival Celebrating Korean Culture And K-Pop

The Dallas Korean Festival Will Take Place In Carrolton On November 16th

September 19, 2019


DFW is a melting pot, with many cultures coming together to make the metroplex great. With so many different cultures represented in the area, it’s always nice to celebrate your neighbor. That’s why Dallas will be having a free Korean festival full of great food and music, including a special K-Pop night.

아줌마, thank you for the kimchi! ❤

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Dallas Korean Festival will be a free event, taking place in Carrolton in November. The event will last from 10:30 A.M. to 9:30 P.M. on November 16th, and will be full of great food, and live music. While the event is free, they recommend bringing money, as there will be booths and plenty opportunities to purchase a piece of Korean culture.

Last time at Korean Festival in Carrollton, so much love for it! - I’ve got to see the Gilssamnori Dance (길쌈놀이) and Buchae Dance (부채 춤 ) - Thank you Young @for.ever.young2 with the spelling and also the meaning of it. She said Gilssam 길쌈 mean making clothing or silk, and Nori 놀이 mean performance or play, as seen in the pictures - Whereas, the Buchae 부채 춤, is Korean Fan dance. - Such a beautiful culture, full of color, full of joy and full of life. - - #koreanfestival #culture #tradition #dance #pride #joy #color #seemore #calligraphy #dallassocial

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The final part of the Dallas Korean Festival will be the K-Pop night, which is designed to get the crowd excited with plenty of K-Pop chants for the crowd to join in on. K-Pop acts performing that night will be NeonPunch, Snuper, and DJ Flash Finger. With plenty of Korean culture to experience, this event surely will be a great time.

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