Dallas Emergency Response Times Far Slower Than National Average

August 7, 2019
Dallas, Fire Rescue, Truck, Walnut Hill Recreation Center, 2017

(Photo by Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports)

Dallas is lagging far behind the national standard for emergency response time.

The National Fire Protection Association says fire departments should respond to 90% of life-threatening emergency calls within 5 minutes.  Recent statistics show that Dallas Fire-Rescue responded to just 50.7% of EMS calls within 5 minutes this fiscal year.  Last fiscal year, just 53.6% of response calls were within five minutes.

Unfortunately, larger volumes of calls and a lack of resources have led to this decrease in response efficiency.  With 58 stations distributed throughout the city, department spokesman Jason Evans said high demand from some areas ties up ambulances, and forces Dallas Fire-Rescue to send ambulances from stations farther away.  Obviously, this means longer response times.

However, the department is adamant they will do whatever necessary to serve the city as needed. Evans said in a statement, “DFR will continue monitoring its response times, and making the necessary changes, to move closer to meeting those standards while ensuring the highest level of service to the citizens of Dallas.”

Via Dallas News