Dallas City Council Approves Scooter Share Program

June 28, 2018
Electric Scooter, Downtown, Pose, Man

(Photo via Dreamstime)


Since we've all been so thrilled with all the rental bikes sprawled all over our city, yesterday the Dallas City Council passed a new ordinance legalizing rental SCOOTERS in a six-month pilot program.

The popular bike company Lime Bike as well as scooter company Bird plan on bringing about 500 scooters to Dallas within the next few weeks, though they will have to follow specific restrictions.  They cannot be ridden on sidewalks in the Central Business District, which includes Downtown and Deep Ellum.  Jeff Roberts, the operations lead for Lime Bike said, "The ban on sidewalks, we support that.  There's a lot of obstructions on the sidewalk that we have to face."  

You know, like people.  The scooters will also not be allowed to operate on streets where the speed limit is greater than 35 mph.  

The city also placed new ordinances on rental bikes, including companies MUST pick up stray bikes within two hours Monday through Friday during business hours, and within 12-hours on the weekend and after hours.  GOOD!  Jared White of the Dallas Department of Transportation said, "If we see that they are not working with us, if we have made the case time and time again that they are not complying with the ordinance then we can start fining them."

Via NBC 5