Dad Goes Viral For Panicked Texts To Daughter After Hamster Goes Missing

He Became Very Attached To The Hamster While Daughter Was Away At College

November 28, 2019

Yajie Wang-Campagne

When a child wants to get a pet, it’s usually the parent that ends up doing all the work. While they may not be happy about it at first, inevitably they end up loving the pet more than ever imagined. That’s what happened to one father after he started caring for his daughter’s hamster once she left for college. However, when the hamster went missing, it led to a hilarious, now viral text exchange.

Daniel Veerman has been caring for his daughter’s hamster, Chester, and immediately became very attached, which explains his emotions when the hamster went missing. According to his daughters tweet, “My dad took over my hamster once I went back to college and ended up getting really attached and today he escaped and this goes to prove how truly pure my father is.” The tweet has since gone viral, as his daughter Stephanie, shared the process of her father searching for the hamster.

Luckily, Chester was eventually found thanks to a creative strategy of using flour to track footsteps. Still, many online couldn’t help but show love for Veerman’s sadness when he believed the hamster was gone and it was his fault. Hopefully next time he will look a little longer before sending a panicked text to his daughter.

Via Fox News