Paramount Is Working On A Reboot Of The Cult Classic ‘Face/Off’

It Is Unknown If Original Actors, John Travolta And Nicholas Cage, Will Return

September 11, 2019

Getty Images / Handout

It seems today the only movies that get made are reboots and sequels. That’s why many were not surprised when it was announced on Tuesday that Paramount Pictures will be rebooting the cult classic film, ‘Face/off.’ The original starred John Travolta and Nicholas Cage, but it is unknown if the two actors will return for the reboot.

‘Face/off’ was a 1997 action movie directed by John Woo. The film, starring Travolta and Cage followed FBI agent Sean Archer and terrorist Castor Troy in a very complicated story about the two switching faces via surgery. While the film did well in worldwide box office, its true fan base comes from the cult following the movie has garnered thanks to its ridiculous plot. Now, Paramount hopes to build on that following with a reboot.

Many fans of the original film have already chimed in to give their opinion on which actors should switch faces in this version. The script will be written by ‘22 Jump Street’ screenwriter Oren Uziel, and produced by Neal Moritz. Original producer, David Permut, is back as an executive producer. While no director or release date has been announced, fans of the original are already excited to see this story continue.

Via Variety