"Cowboy" Clerk Hogties Armed Robber Trying To Rob Oak Cliff 7-11

August 21, 2019
Man, Tied Hands, Rope

(Photo by Getty Images)

An armed robber in Oak Cliff picked the wrong 7-11 early this morning.

The man entered the convenience store located at the 1100 block of West Kiest Boulevard and South Polk Street shortly before 1a.m. this morning, armed with a screwdriver.  A scuffle ensued between the man and the clerk working the counter, but there was just enough time for the clerk to grab some rope located nearby. 

This particular clerk happened to be a "cowboy from West Texas," so he was able to hogtie the criminal before he was able to cause any major damage.  He was tied so tightly that when police eventually arrived at the scene, he had to be cut loose with a knife.

The clerk escaped the incident with only minor injuries.