Courteney Cox Loses ‘Friends’ Trivia Contest After Claiming To Be Binge-Watching Show

The Actress Appeared On Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Quarantine Minilogue’ On Wednesday

March 26, 2020

As people continue to watch ‘Friends’ in its entirety, over and over again, many have become experts on the show, with the ability to answer just about any trivia question. For most, the only people capable of beating them in a ‘Friends’ trivia contest, are those who worked on the show. That is, unless they are competing against Courteney Cox.

but the party continues INDOORS with @CourteneyCoxOfficial vs. my cousin Anthony in #Friends trivia & our #QuarantimeKiller of the Night. #quarantine #minilogue

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The former ‘Friends’ star appeared on Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Quarantine Minilogue’ on Wednesday, and revealed though she is currently binge-watching the show, she can’t seem to remember anything from it. “I keep getting asked all these questions about 'Friends.’ People ask me to do trivia things. I did a thing with Charlie Puth, I did something with Celeste Barber. I don't remember even being on the show!" joked the actress.

Shocked by her lack of ‘Friends’ knowledge; Kimmel brought on his cousin Anthony, a fanatic of the show, who challenged Cox to a trivia contest. Even with the “Monica-only” questions Cox still couldn’t manage to win a trivia contest for her own show. Hopefully with all the binge-watching she’s doing, her next appearance can lead to a victory in ‘Friends’ trivia.

Via Fox News