Couple Pulls Off Epic Christmas Prank, Covering Their Entire Kitchen In Gift Wrap

Though The Prank Was Worth It, The Wife Joked “A Divorce On The Cards”

December 5, 2019


A good prank takes work, but sometimes one must; is it worth it? That’s what one woman was asking herself after her husband came up with an adorable Christmas prank for their son. The elf on the shelf themed prank involved wrapping their entire kitchen in gift wrap, and according to the woman, almost led to a divorce.

Nichola Mullen-King recently shared a photo of her entire kitchen covered in wrapping papers apparently this came from a plan hatched by her husband to make their child think it was done by the elf on the shelf. While at first the plan seemed adorable, the work quickly led to frustration, and as Mullen-King joked, “2 hours later and a divorce on the cards.”

Still, many online loved the idea and praised the couple for the idea. After wrapping everything including “fruit, eggs, utensils and chopping board” it was all worth it, as according to Mullen-King, their child loved it. To make things even better, the couple made sure to let people know, they will be reusing the wrapping paper on Christmas.

Via Daily Mail