Couple Loves Whiskey So Much, They Started Making Deodorant With It

June 6, 2018
Scotch, Whiskey, Glass, Ice

(Photo via Dreamstime)


One day, Erica Feucht decided to put hand sanitizer under her arm pits as she was heading out the door.  Combined with her and her husband Jason's love for whiskey, an idea was born.  "What if we made something that's a step above, and also whiskey is a fun product.  We love whiskey, so why not put it on our armpits?" says Erica.

Thus, the first rumblings of "Pit Liquor" were born.  The months followed with Erica and Jason pouring through various medical papers trying to find the appropriate mix of alcohol and natural antimicrobial products to create the best deodorant.  Jason says, "Alcohol, of course, is fantastic.  It's the same thing in hand sanitizer."  They created a Kickstarter page for Pit Liquor, and received over $20,000 from backers.

Customers keep coming back for more.  So much so, they've been able to send money to Guinea-Bissau, a small country on the west coast of Africa, where they used to live.  They reached out to a friend who distributes the money locally, to small businesses and medical bills for others.  Erica says, "We've always believed anything in Africa that’s going to work successfully is going to be something that’s an idea from a local person."

The Feucht are planning heavy production over the upcoming weeks to restock their supply.  You can find out more about Pit Liquor HERE.