Couple On First Date Has "First Kiss" After He Collapsed And She Performed CPR

September 5, 2018
CPR, Class, Dummy, Chest Compression

Max Montgomery and Andi Traynor were wrapping up a wonderful first date together.  

They had just finished stand-up paddle boarding when Montgomery, unfortunately, went into sudden cardiac arrest.  Luckily, DR. Andi Traynor immediately began performing CPR on him, while passersby dialed 911.  Traynor would later tell a friend about the date, "I finally find a great guy and he dies on me."  

Thanks to Dr. Traynor's quick thinking, Montgomery survived the incident.  The couple (YES, THEY ARE STILL TOGETHER!!) like to describe the incident as their "first kiss."  Now, they've dedicated their time to save more lives by sharing their story.  Together, they founded  the Help-A-Heart program, which helps provide as many people as possible with CPR dummies and AED devices so that they know what to do in case of sudden cardiac arrest.