Couple Finds “Once In A Lifetime” Pearl After Ordering Oysters At Restaurant

The Couple Ordered Oysters On The Half Shell At A New Jersey Restaurant

October 24, 2019


When going to a nice restaurant most people expect to spend money, not make it. However, a New Jersey couple may have done just that after making an extremely rare find in their plate of oysters. The couple spotted a “once in a lifetime” pearl inside one of the oysters, after the husband tried biting into it.

Anton and Sheryl Schermer decided to go out to eat at a new restaurant in Closter, New Jersey over the weekend, and while they expected a nice meal, they didn’t expect the reward they would receive inside their meal. The couple ordered a plate of oysters on the half shell, but when Anton tried biting into one, he noticed something “rolling around in his mouth.” The object was a tiny pearl, which according to an employee with the Empire Oyster service, a find like this is extremely rare for the type of oysters they ordered.

Empire Oyster service supplies the Stern & Bow restaurant, which has only been open for a month, with their oysters. “I’ve shucked hundreds of thousands of oysters in my career and have never found a pearl while shucking,” said Kevin Joseph of Empire Oyster. Luckily, the couple donated the oyster back to the restaurant to display, but the pearl still went home with the Schermer’s.

Via Fox News