Country Time Lemonade Forms Legal Team To Help Kids Whose Lemonade Stands Get Shut Down

June 12, 2018
Lemonade Stand, Kids, Sidewalk

(Photo via Dreamstime)


It's already Summertime, and with kids out of school, no doubt you will notice plenty of lemonade stands pop up around your neighborhood.

That is until the police get involved.  We've seen an uncomfortable number of these innocent lemonade stands being shut down because the six-year-old running it did not acquire the specific permits.  It's idiotic, and we don't understand why ornery people feel the need to call the police, who could be taking care of ACTUAL problems, on some kids trying to learn about business all while having innocent fun.

Well, Country Time Lemonade agrees, which is why they formed a legal team to assist any of these kids who run into permit trouble with their lemonade stands over the Summer.  Dubbed "Legal-Ade," this team of lawyers promises to pay any permit fines for lemonade stands in order to "keep the spirit of creative entrepreneurship alive in young children."  

Their official website says, "If your lemonade stand has incurred a fine during the 2017 or 2018 calendar year OR if you've purchased a permit for 2018 so your miniature entrepreneur can sell lemonade, turn to the good folks at Legal-Ade.  We'll cover your fine or permit fees up to $300."

Tastes like justice!

Via The Takeout