Counterfeit Cosmetics Containing Human And Animal Feces Seized By Police

April 16, 2018
Makeup, Cosmetics

(Photo via Dreamstime)


If any of y'all have taken a trip out to Los Angeles and did some shopping in the city's Fashion District, you might want to hold off applying that brand new makeup.  

A police raid of 21 stores netted authorities over $700,000 in counterfeit and bogus cosmetics, many of which contained high amounts of human and animal waste.  Specifically...feces.  And really, any amount of feces is too high an amount.  

Six people have been arrested, and fifteen have been issued cease and desists, after multiple complaints were filed after the makeup caused severe "bumps and rashes."  Those arrested will most likely face a charge of "trademark violations of major brands" among others.  

Via USA Today