[Video] Corgi Shocks The Internet By Having No Reaction To Vacuum While Napping

Penny, The Corgi, Stays Asleep As The Roomba Vacuum Cleans Near It

November 25, 2019


Anyone who has a dog knows the vacuum cleaner will forever be their enemy. While normal vacuums often cause problems for dogs, the robotic vacuum cleaners put fear in just about any dog. That’s why when a dog was able to sleep while the vacuum ran in this latest viral video, viewers were left in complete shock.

The dog in the now viral video is a corgi named Penny. In the video, Penny is seen napping and not reacted at all as a Roomba vacuum runs near it. The vacuum gets near inches from the dog, yet no barking, or any type of reaction.

While this dog clearly is the most relaxed dog on earth, most with dogs probably had to watch the video on mute so their pet wouldn’t react. Not all dos can be like Penny, but then again most humans probably couldn’t be that Zen. Everyone could learn a lesson from this relaxed corgi.

Via Mashable