Convenience Store Blasts Barry Manilow After Hours To Discourage People From Loitering

June 28, 2018
Barry Manilow, Concert, Smiling

(Photo by Ron Elkman-USA TODAY NETWORK)


Rite-Aid is a convenience store akin to CVS and Walgreens located mostly along the coasts of the United States. 

One particular location in San Diego has taken an interesting approach to make sure people don't loiter around the store after hours.  Since the location is in a rather tough neighborhood, obviously store managers do not want any illicit activity occurring when the shop is closed, so after hours, the store BLASTS Barry Manilow over the loud speakers, and by all accounts, it's working.

It's Rite-Aid's way of discouraging people from sleeping around the store, especially after receiving complaints from customers who would have to weave their way through multiple sleeping bodies to make it through the front door.  Rite-Aid said in a statement, "As a way to respond to this customer feedback and to help provide a positive shopping experience, we are exploring ways to make it easier for our customers to enter our stores.  This is one approach we are looking into."

One resident said of Rite-Aid's methods, "It's better to have the music do it than have the employees at rite-aid come and have confrontations."  So far, calls made to Barry Manilow's representation have not been returned.

Via 10 News