Controversial Dallas Restaurant Shuts Down

Some have called it, "Dallas’ biggest restaurant disaster."

June 25, 2019

Just nine months after opening, Circo TX has closed its doors: according to the Dallas Observer.

It's been a crazy, chaotic ride for the high-profile apparently $7 million restaurant: with reports of high turnover (especially executive chefs), bounced staff paychecks, no ingredients or suppliers for the kitchen, over $300,000 in mechanics liens, a fundraiser that didn't yield money for the person the fundraiser was for, unpaid bills, wild parties and secrets.  Before closing the restaurant, CEO Lauren Santagati (allegedly at the center of most of these problems) said she's planning on moving to Florida to open a restaurant (caveat emptor, Sunshine State visitors!).

Read the full (and chill-inducing) details here.

Source: Dallas Observer

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