Competitive Slapping Is The World’s Next Greatest Sport

May 27, 2019
Hand, Slap, Isolated, White Background

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A couple of weekends ago, Russia’s first-ever slapping competition took place in Krasnoyarsk.

The rules are simple: Two men stand opposite one another. One of them slaps the other across the face.  If he can’t respond with a slap of his own, the contest is over.  Simple, effective, brutal, this is the world’s next greatest sport.

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The eventual champion, Vasiliy Kamotskiy, went viral over the weekend for his thunderous slap that forced the referee to cancel the bout after just a couple of blows. 

As devastating and painful as this sport is, the pay is not that great, yet.  For his domination, Kamotskiy took home a cool $500.  

See you soon at the Olympics, competitive slapping!

Via NY Post