Feel Like Quitting Your Job But Don't Want To Face The Boss? For $450, This Company Will Do It For You!

August 31, 2018
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Making the decision to quit your job can sometimes be as stressful as the job itself.

This is especially the case in Japan, where people are generally overworked and overstressed.  For those people in Japan who want to leave their job, but don't want to handle the stress of actually facing their boss, a company called "Exit" will do that all for them.  

For a nominal fee of only $450 for full-time work, and $360 for part-time, Exit will head to your place of employment and quit your job for you.  They will also handle any attempts from the bosses to persuade you to stay.  

Exit is run by two childhood friends, Yuichiro Okazaki and Toshiyuki Niino.  They started the company last year, and are reportedly already turning a profit.  Okazaki told the Japan Times, "There's definitely demand out there.  Personally, I'm perplexed as to why people find it hard to quit, but I do sense that this atmosphere is prevalent in Japan."

We're still waiting to see if Exit taps its way into the American workforce!