Company Charges Parents $7,500 To Coach Their Babies To A Better Night’s Sleep

December 3, 2018
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Babies cry, but it’s probably always a shocker to new parents just how MUCH babies cry.

And it’s probably equally as shocking that they cry ALL the time.  It’s a hard life to adjust too.  You know, one without a good night’s sleep!

Fear now, new parents. Mommywise is a company dedicated to coaching your baby to a better sleep.  Or at least, they’ll help the parents discover new techniques to help their babies, and subsequently themselves a good healthy eight hours.

These techniques involved completely moving the baby out of the parents’ bedroom.  That might be hard for most folks, especially when their youngster cries helplessly from the other room.  But according to Natalie Nevares, the owner of Mommywise, “sleep association” is what the company is focused on changing.  She said, “Sleep association is what we're changing.  We're changing how a baby falls asleep. That's it.  And that's how I coach parents through the first bedtime.  So at bedtime really all we're doing is putting the baby down awake.”  Putting the baby down awake, rather than rocking it or nursing it to sleep.

And while some parents might be uncomfortable with their baby crying in another room, Nevares says, “Limited periods of letting a baby cry, even if it's every night for several minutes every night for about a week, are not known to cause long lasting harm to the baby's emotional and mental development.”

Mommywise provides 72 hours of in-house coaching, and can be quite an exorbitant investment.  In cities like New York, that kind of coaching can cost upwards of $7,500.  When asked if the services are worth the cost, Nevares said, "our clients tell us every day that it was money well spent. I know we've saved marriages. I've seen mothers who literally couldn't cope at all.

Via CBS News