Japanese Company Selling Advertising Space On Women's Armpits

July 30, 2018
Woman, Armpit

For the cool, cool price of 10,000 yen (about $83) an hour, you too can have a beautiful woman advertise your business directly on her body.  More specifically, her armpit.

The Wakino Ad Company was created earlier this year as a subsidiary of the Liberta beauty products firm, which creates beauty products designed to make your armpits beautiful.  The ads that can be purchased measure nearly 2 inches by 4 inches, and are placed directly on the woman's armpit.  The models displaying the advertisement are shown grasping overhead handles on trains or stretching their arms out to reveal their armpits.

Very classy stuff, y'know?

More than 1,3000 women applied to be an armpit model after the company was announced.

Via Telegraph