Comedian Goes Viral For Hilariously Imitating A Child Refusing To Go To Bed

Though Shaun Johnson Doesn’t Have Kids, Many Parents Online Are Praising His Latest Video

December 5, 2019


When it comes to kids, avoiding bedtime is a national pastime. Parent everywhere constantly deal with the struggle of getting their child to go and stay in bed throughout the night. Now, a comedian has gone viral for capturing this experience perfectly.

The things kids will think up just to delay bed time a few seconds longer. What’s the funniest excuse you’ve been given? Music by Kevin Macleod

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Shaun Johnson is a comedian from Utah, who along with his wife has an Instagram profile with 90,000 followers. Parents are praising his latest video, as Johnson imitates a child coming up with random excuses as why they haven’t gone to bed. “I’m not a parent so I wasn’t sure if I got it right,” said Johnson, but based on online reaction, he was spot on.

In the video, Johnson uses the excuse, “I was scared but then I wasn’t very scared, but then I got scared again,” along with an itchy sock and a misplaced stuffed animal as reasons to not be asleep. Many parents commented saying they deal with this on a regular basis. While Johnson may not have kids, based on this video he’ll be prepared for bedtime wars.

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