College Student Saves Drowning Squirrel With CPR She Learned On "The Office"

April 10, 2018
CPR, Breathing, Training

(Photo via Dreamstime)

Don't ever let anyone tell you watching too much television will make you dumber.  Watching TV can help you save a life someday!  

Case in point, Natalie Belsito, a freshman at Central Michigan University.  While walking on campus one day, she noticed a squirrel drowning in a campus pond.  he told the CMU newspaper, "It definitely was drowning because it was really slow when we saw it and it started to dip its head under the water."  She was able to fish the little guy out of the water, but the squirrel wasn't breathing.  

Thinking quickly, she was able to remember an episode of NBC's hit show The Office where the staff was forced to undergo CPR training.  Quickly, she sprung into action.  Belsito told the paper, "It was a super cool feeling to know that I saved an innocent life.  I watched a lot of Animal Planet as a kid, but the CPR part was literally all from that episode in The Office."

It only took a few hours for the squirrel to regain its strength.  Belsito said, "After he ran up the tree, we all were screaming and our minds were blown honestly, the whole night we couldn’t stop talking about what happened."

Let this be a lesson to you.  The Office saves lives!

Via Vice