College Mascot Accidentally Shoots Himself In The Groin With A T-Shirt Cannon

September 20, 2018
T-Shirt Cannon

(Photo by Josh Clark/USA TODAY NETWORK-Wis)


No matter how bad you think you're day is going, there is no way you feel worse than Chip the Buffalo, the official mascot for the University of Colorado.

During last week's victory against New Hampshire, Chip was doing his mascot duties, and was about to fire off some t-shirts from a cannon into the Buffalo faithful.  Unfortunately...the cannon was facing the wrong way.  In fact, it was pointed directly at the worst possible place for any young buffalo to be hit.  Ouch.

In fact, poor Chip had to be carted off due to the severity of his injury.

Thankfully, Chip was back before too long to cheer Colorado to victory.

If there is a saving grace to this scene, it's that whoever was portraying Chip was completely in costume from head-to-toe, so unless you know who it is, their identity will remain anonymous for the most part.  Go Chip!

Via SB Nation