This Holiday Season, Make Room For Christmas Tree-Flavored Potato Chips!

October 9, 2018
Christmas Tree, Ornaments, Santa

This holiday season, you might want to clear some room at the table for what will surely become your new favorite holiday snack.

The British-based grocery store chain "Iceland" is now offering some holiday-themed flavors of potato chips.  You can snack on "pigs in a blanket," "lobster cocktail," or our personal favorite, "Luxury Christmas Tree Flavour Salted Hand-Cooked Crisps!"

The Daily Mail reports, "Part of a range that also includes 'pigs in blankets' and 'lobster cocktail', the most avant-garde of the range—the tree—hasn't gone down particularly well on social media."  Well that's unfortunate.

The chips use actual oil from real pine needles to help achieve the unique Christmas tree flavor.  And we can honestly say this is the only food we've seen that has attempted to achieve the unique Christmas tree flavor.

Via The Takeout