Christian Bale Saved Director Adam McKay’s Life After He Had A Heart Attack During Production Of "Vice"

November 30, 2018
Christian Bale, Suit, Red Carpet, Premiere, The Promise, 2017

(Photo by Anthony Behar)

As principal photography was nearing completion on the upcoming film Vice, a biographical drama about Dick Cheney, writer and director Adam McKay suffered a heart attack.

And he has Christian Bale to thank for saving his life. 

McKay told Deadline, “While I was making the movie, I was fairly conscious of the fact I put on some weight and I was smoking a lot,” McKay said. “My doctor had told me, you got to stop doing this, and I kept saying, please don’t let me have a heart attack while I’m doing a movie about Dick Cheney.”

Sure enough, during a workout, McKay got tingly hands and his stomach felt queasy. Bale was able to recognize these as symptoms of a heart attack because, as a method actor, he researched heart attacks in preparation for this role, of which he was asked to perform several heart attack scenes.

Since Bale was able to recognize it as a heart attack so quickly, McKay was able to get to a hospital quickly, and no further damage was done.  McKay called Bale several days after the incident to relay the good news.  He said, “I called Christian a week later and said, either you or Dick Cheney just saved my life.  After asking again and again for 10 minutes if I was really alright, we just started laughing.”

Vice opens in theaters Christmas.

Via Indie Wire