"Charmed" Is Getting A Reboot, But Don't Expect Any Of The Original Actresses!

August 14, 2018
Alyssa Milano, Smile, Black Dress

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It's the day and age of television reboots, so it comes as no shock to us that the CW is planning on rebooting the late '90s classic television series Charmed.  What is a bit of a surprise, however, is that it seems the original Halliwell sisters will have no involvement at all.  

Stars of the original series Shannen Doherty, Alyssa Milano, and Holly Marie Combs, have all expressed some apprehension and even hostility at the reboot.  Combs took offense with the reboot's angle of being "fierce, funny, feminist," calling the show a "naked attempt at capitalizing on the good will of the original."

Doherty initially took exception to the reboot, especially how they could be more feminist than the original, but has since given them the benefit of the doubt.  Her sentiments were echoed by Rose McGowan, who replaced Doherty after her departure following the conclusion of the third season.

Milano wishes they had been involved in some capacity after the show was initially announced.  She told Entertainment Tonight, "I wish that they would have come to us and we would have been involved since the beginning," though she hopes the reboot "reaches the newer generation and impacts that generation the way ours was able to do for its generation."  

We'll see!

Via AV Club