[Video] This Cat’s Meow Sounds Exactly Like Its Saying “Well, Hi” In A Southern Accent

The Video Of Gambino The Cat Was Posted To TikTok And Has Since Gone Viral

December 4, 2019

Photography by Adri

It seems at times the internet was created just for hilarious cat videos. While not everyone is a fan of cats, just about anyone can enjoy a cat spotted doing something abnormal. The most recent cat video going viral might be the best yet, as this cat’s meow sounds like someone saying “well, Hi!” in a southern accent.

It sounds like he is saying “Well Hi!!! “ in a thick southern accent!! ***Just to clarify, that is a @whistlelabs pet tracker on his collar. #catsofinstagram #cat #meowdy #gambino https://vm.tiktok.com/9qr4tD/

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The cat in the latest viral video is an orange tabby named Gambino. Its owner posted the video of the cat’s abnormal meow on multiple social media platforms and it has since gone viral. The video has been viewed over 1.3 million times on TikTok already.

Many viewers are claiming they can’t stop watching the video, or naming someone they know who says “Well, Hi!” in a similar accent. Gambino’s Instagram is full of adorable photos and videos of the cat, however none are as good as the southern accent “Well, Hi!” video. A southern sounding cat is exactly the type of content the internet was made for.

Via Pop Sugar