Adorable Cats, Dressed As Dolly Parton And Willie Nelson, Win Halloween Costume Contest

The Cats Won A Costume Contest At Fantasy Fest In Key West Over The Weekend

October 28, 2019


Dressing pets up in costume is one of the best parts of Halloween. There aren’t too many things more adorable than seeing a dog or cat uncomfortably dressed in costume. That’s why a family friendly Pet Masquerade in Florida is getting a lot of attention, especially after the winning animals were dressed as Dolly Parton and Willie Nelson.

The family friendly Pet Masquerade took place during ‘Fantasy Fest’ in Key West, Florida last week. Attendees got to see plenty of dogs, cats and even a tortoise dressed as iconic characters, famous figures, and of course the usually Halloween suspects. While the cat version of Dolly Parton and Willie Nelson took home the top prize, plenty of other animals created buzz, included the turtle with a plush bunny strapped to its shell, representing ‘The Tortoise and the Hare.’

Diana Benton of Titusville, Florida, who’s two cats were picked as winners of the pet costume contest, definitely stuck with the events theme of “In Tune But Off Key." Her cats, dressed as Dolly Parton and Willie Nelson, were huge hits at the event, taking home top prize, and getting some social media attention as well. Hopefully next year, these adorable cats are back to defend their title.

Via Fox News