This Cat Looks Exactly Like Baby Yoda, And The Internet Loves It

Parmesan, The Cat, Hid Behind A Towel For The Perfect Baby Yoda Photo

December 10, 2019

Ingus Kruklitis

Baby Yoda has officially taken over the internet. It seems every day, new content based on the viral sensation from ‘The Mandalorian’ hits the internet, but the latest may be the best yet. On Sunday, a twitter user posted photos of their cat looking exactly like Baby Yoda.

This cat, named Parmesan, has a tendency to hide behind towels. While this was already adorable, now that there’s a resemblance to Baby Yoda, the cuteness has been taken to a new level. In the tweet, the cat’s owner said, “my boyfriend said ‘oh my god my cat looks like baby yoda’ and I look over and sure enough.”

The photo of the Baby Yoda looking cat quickly went viral, and has since been liked more than 100,000 times. While the cat only looks like Baby Yoda when hiding behind towels, the timing for this photo couldn’t be more perfect. As many online have pointed out, it doesn’t get much better than a Baby Yoda cat.

Via Time