Canadian Town Named After Asbestos Is Looking To Officially Change Their Name

The 7,000 Person Town Was Once Home To The World’s Largest Asbestos Mine

November 29, 2019

Peter Macdiarmid / Staff

It’s all in the name and a small town in Canada wants to prove that. The 7,000 person town of Asbestos, Quebec has approved a name change in order to help attract foreign investors. Once home to the world’s largest asbestos mine, this Canadian town is now looking for a new identity.

Asbestos, which is about 95 miles east of Montreal, will announce its new name next year. While mining asbestos once helped the town thrive, since closing the mine in 2011 they are now looking for a more attractive name. According to city officials, the new name will factor in the region’s history and heritage.

Many on social media were quick to give their own name suggestions for Asbestos, Quebec. While none of these choices will likely be selected, the town is excited to no longer be named after asbestos, which has been linked to cancer and other diseases. With a new name, this 7,000 person town is looking to grow into a new era of Canada.