Bullied Teen Wears Hateful Message On Shirt Because "Those Word's Don't Define You"

April 18, 2018
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An unknown student wrote "Kailey Kukkola is a disgusting flat, ugly slut" on the walls of a girl's bathroom at College Heights High in British Columbia, Canada.

Kailey found out about the message when someone sent her mom a picture of the wall.  Kailey told Global News, "So when my mom showed me, like, the picture, it kinda stung.  But, like, I thought it was funny, you know."  She wasn't going to stand idly by and let some bully's words hurt her like that, and she wanted to show that person or persons she was going to rise above it.

So she had them printed on a t-shirt.  

She said, "I just kinda wanted to almost get back at the person who did it and show what they wrote didn't hurt me and that I just didn't care."  She proudly wore the shirt to school, and though she's had to explain it to a few teachers and the principal, she has received overwhelming support from the student body.  Kukkola says, "They're really supportive and they always say, 'Oh that’s so cool!  I'm so proud of you!'"

Kailey thought she would get in trouble with the administration, but she has received support form them as well. "I just thought I would just get in trouble from this shirt and [the teachers> were like, "No that’s actually a really good idea," so that was cool."  Bullied since elementary school, Kailey has been asked to join the peer leadership team, hoping that her first hand experience will stop bullies in their tracks.  And for anyone experience bullying, she says "Just speak up.  If you have something happen to you, tell someone and just wear it on your sleeve because those words don’t define you.

Via Global News