A Buddy The Elf Wreath Is Now For Sale And The Internet Can’t Handle It

The Buddy The Elf Wreath Comes Complete With Hair, Hat And A Screaming Will Ferrell Face

October 3, 2019

Now that its finally October, Christmas will be here before you know it. As everyone prepares for the holiday season, what better way to show off your Christmas spirit than with some Christmas movie themed decorations? For those who are fans of the movie ‘Elf,’ a Buddy the elf wreath is now available that’s perfect for celebrating Christmas and terrifying your neighbors.

The Buddy the elf wreath is currently available on Etsy for $75, but as many on social media have pointed out, its definitely worth it. The wreath, which is made by CustomDesignPress, features an overly excited Will Ferrell with a hat, wild hair and some green and white clothing. The handmade product is full of excitement and perfect to get into the Christmas spirit.

While many on social media were skeptical of the price, most said the product was well worth it. The Buddy the elf wreath gives fans a chance to show off their love for the classic Christmas film, while also celebrating the holiday season properly. Sold on Etsy, the Buddy the elf wreath can be purchased here.

Via VT.co