A Brief History Of DFW Tornadoes With JT & Billy Kidd

On this episode of the JT & Billy Kidd Podcast

October 22, 2019

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In light of the recent tornado that hit Dallas over the weekend, JT & Billy Kidd sat down for a chat on a 'brief' history of tornadoes that have impacted DFW over their lives.

Both started off by sharing their experiences Sunday night, Billy in Allen and JT in west Dallas.

For JT, he felt it wasn't a real threat as it is not uncommon to experience thunderstorm weather in Dallas.

However, "I did get in the closet, me and Fox had to get in there, and of course NBC didn't break from the Cowboys game to go to severe weather." JT ended up tuning into a different channel on TV and realizing how real the threat really was.

On the other hand, Billy....

"To be honest, I was sleeping. I went to bed early Sunday so I slept through the whole thing! The storms woke me up but I just ignored them."

Listen to JT re-tell his experience about getting in touch with his family and realizing the tornado was heading towards Richardson, where his dad lives!

JT and Billy also discuss the prior tornado/thunderstorms that they have experienced over the span of their lives. Billy, mentions the one that hit Fort Worth over 20 years ago when he was working overnights.

As for JT, listen to his discussion of the other thunderstorm experience that affected him similary, just a few months ago this summer. 

Listen to other memorable thunderstorms/tornadoes on record for these two on this week's podcast below: