Queen Fans Gushing After Brian May Shares Heartwarming Photo Of Band Out To Dinner In Japan

Queen Is Set To Perform In Japan On January 25th And 26th

January 23, 2020

Ron Elkman

Throughout history, so many bands have broken up, it has become clear that spending that much time within a group can be difficult for anyone. However, for bands like Queen, getting to spend time together apparently is what keeps them going. Queen fans were gushing after Brian May shared a heartwarming photo of the band out to dinner together.

Irrashaimasseeee ... !!! Band night out !!! Bri

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Queen is set to perform in Japan at the Saitama Super Arena on January 25th and 26th. In Japan a few days ahead of the show, Brian May, Roger Taylor and Adam Lambert decided to go out to eat and spend some time together. Along with Taylor’s wife, Sarina Potgieter, the group shared a loving photo sitting in the restaurant.

Brian May captioned the photo “Irrashaimasseeee … !!! Band night out !!!” Fans quickly commented on the fact that nights like these are what keep the group going. 2019 was a resurgent year for Queen, and in 2020 they seem to be doing just fine.

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