Brian May Calls Out Fake Queen 50th Anniversary Merchandise Being Sold Online

The Queen Guitarist Shared A Photo That Had His Head Added To Trick Fans

November 26, 2019

Anthony Behar

Queen’s Brian May is on a mission to make sure no Queen fans get duped by fake memorabilia. The legendary guitarist recently shared a photo on his verified Instagram account calling out a fake Queen 50th anniversary shirt being sold. In his post, May wrote “Now here’s a REALLY bad fake!!! Do not be fooled!”

Now here’s a REALLY bad fake !!! Do not be fooled !!! This is fraudulent. And also crap !!! Where is Truth ? Bri

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With the popularity of Queen rising once again thanks to last year’s biopic ‘Bohemian Rhapsody,’ plenty of people are trying to get a piece of the pie. While the band sells their own official merchandise, a number of pieces have been making the rounds, being sold to fans as official merchandise. That’s why Queen’s Brian May is speaking out, and making sure no fan ends up with a fake.

According to his recent Instagram post, a 50th anniversary shirt that is being sold is indeed fake, as his head has been cropped on to the photo to convince fans. Plenty of fans reacted, thanking May for the news and pointing out how his head clearly was added to the photo. Thanks to Brian May, no Queen fan should be tricked into buying bad merchandise.

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