Couple’s Wedding Pictures Get Photo Bombed By Deer Eating Bride’s Bouquet

The Photos Of The Michigan Couple’s Hungry Guest Have Gone Viral

September 11, 2019


Every bride wants the perfect photos for her wedding day, but when nature is involved things tend to go wrong. A Michigan couple was taking their wedding photos in a park when an overly hungry intruder tried to photo bomb the couple. A deer walked over to the couple and began eating the bride’s bouquet in a now viral photo.

The moment was captured by the couple’s wedding photographer, who posted the animal photo bomb to her Facebook page. In her post, the photographer wrote, “When the field you want to take bride & groom portraits in has an overtly friendly roll with it until the deer decides the bouquet is lookin' like a good snack.” Luckily, the couple was amused and was happy to let the hungry deer join in on their photos.

In the photos, the couple stands by a fence, posing together, before a deer walks up to the couple, and began snacking on the bride’s bouquet. Many on social media commented positively on the photos, with some even wishing their wedding photos were photo bombed by a deer. Maybe now the deer can get an invite to the wedding, and will have a chance to catch the bouquet for another snack.

Via Fox News