Bottles Of Wine Get Sent To Space For Aging Study

Twelve Bottles Of French Wine Arrived At The International Space Station On Monday

November 6, 2019

Oleh Veres

Some red wine was sent to the International Space Station on Monday, but sadly for the astronauts, it’s not for drinking. Twelve bottles of red Bordeaux wine were sent to space as part of a study on how weightlessness and space radiation affect the aging process. The hope is that they discover new flavors and properties for the food industry.

The French wine was launched into space aboard the Northrop Grumman capsule from Virginia on Saturday. The space-aged wine will be compared to wine aged on Earth, with whatever is left going to those who helped pay for the research. “This is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure,” said Nicolas Gaume, chief executive and co-founder of Space Cargo Unlimited.

This is not the first time alcohol has been sent to space with Budweiser sending brewing seeds to space, hoping to become the beverage of choice on Mars, and a Japanese company that sent up whiskey samples in 2015. Sadly for the three Americans, two Russians and an Italian currently on board, they will have to fight their temptations and not drink the wine. Hopefully they at least get a taste once the study is over.

Via USA Today