Blue Bell Releases Holiday Favorite “Christmas Cookies” Flavor Early

The Fan Favorite Is Available Now Through The Holidays

October 18, 2019

Jamie Squire / Staff

Christmas is only two months away, which means everyone’s favorite holiday treats will soon be returning. Blue Bell has decided to get a head start on the holiday season, announcing this week they are bringing back their popular Christmas Cookies flavored ice cream. Starting October 17th, Blue Bell Christmas Cookies became available in stores, and will remain throughout the holidays.

Blue Bell’s Christmas Cookies ice cream combines chocolate chip cookies, snickerdoodles and sugar cookies into one sugar cookie flavored ice cream. It is then mixed with red sprinkles and green icing to give the ice cream a Christmas feel. Due to popular demand, Blue Bell even “increased production to meet the unbelievable demand that we experienced, and hope to make it through the holiday season," according to a Blue Bell spokesperson.

While Blue Bell’s Christmas Cookies flavor is here early, it will only be available for a limited time. Plenty of fans jumped at the opportunity to get their favorite holiday treat a few months early. Hopefully the demand doesn’t force Blue Bell’s new flavor off shelves before Christmas.